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Keyhole Industrial Welding Services

Keyhole Industrial Welding Services works with you to come up with the most economically and efficient way to complete your project. With our team of certified welders, we won't cut any corners in safety or quality and will work with you step by step to surpass your needs and expectations!

Specialty Welding

Keyhole Industrial offers a wide spectrum of specialty welding

and welding processes.

In-service Repair

We offer In-Service welding and repairs to avoid planned shut downs and lost time.

24/7 Emergency Services

We don’t mind working at night, on weekends, or immediately, if that is what is necessary to keep your operations running smoothly.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services, including Specialty Welding, Fabrication on site and shipped, Field Machining, Heat Treating, General Plant Maintenance, Structural Steel Welding & more.

stainless steel valves

Our Core values

Keyhole Industrial Welding Services' core values are paramount in safety and honesty, we treat you like family.


Most importantly, if we can’t do it safely, we don’t do it all. We are our
brother’s and sister’s keeper. Safety is a team effort from all of us and paramount to our success.


We treat everyone with respect, patience, loyalty, and compassion, as if they
are family. We engage in healthy conflict to create clarity. We care for each other and
their families outside of work as well.


We tell the truth. We proactively take accountability for our actions. We
don’t lie, cheat, or steal.


We find a way to get the job done. We seek the most efficient,
economical solutions to our company’s and customers’ problems.


We work together in a way that accomplishes our goals.


We are dependable, showing up to work daily and following through with our
commitments and responsibilities.

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